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Application for SMRT Taxis & Strides Bursary 2019

By on July 15, 2019

We believe that the education any child receives today will shape his or her future.

While you’re working hard to make a living for your family expenses and giving the best to your children to fulfil their big dreams, we want to help you provide more for your loved ones. Since May 2011, we have funded more than $142,000 to needy students.
If you are seeking funds for your child’s educational needs, you can now apply for this year’s SMRT Taxis & Strides Transportation (Strides) Bursary through Partners’ Net (under E-Service).

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Honk, Honk! Got Lobang

Taxi Share Etiquette You Should Never Break

By on May 16, 2019

One of the greatest benefits of Taxi Share scheme is that it provides users the flexibility of renting the taxi whenever you need by the hours or days, just by a click on your phone.In a taxi sharing community, you can also expect some hiccups same as sharing a car with your siblings or friends such as finding the car running low on fuel or uncleaned.For the well-being of the Taxi Share community, here’s a few basic courtesy rules to be a considerate Taxi Share partner.

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