Sending Our Love To Our Nation’s 55th Birthday!

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Wheeling Good Time

SMRT Taxis Honours Labour Day

By on May 22, 2018

SMRT Taxis partners don’t have to worry about where to get their breakfast on 30 April 2018. In celebration of Labour Day, representatives from SMRT Taxis prepared handy food and drinks to the delight of taxi partners who drove through Bishan Clubhouse that day. SMRT Taxis salutes all Taxi partners for their hard work and […]

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Safe & Sound

10 Ways to be a Better Driver

By on May 16, 2018

The road today are hidden with many growing dangers that are threat to road safety; cyclists racing through traffic lights, e-scooters zipping in and out of nowhere, dashing jaywalkers and our constant reliance on mobile phones create a perfect storm for an accident waiting to happen, any time and anywhere.

If you’re reading this, I hope you realised the importance of exercising road safety and care enough to develop your own self-awareness on how you can be a better driver.

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Why Giro for Taxi Share

By on May 12, 2018

With Giro you can then receive reimbursements from cashless payments and also pay the booking fee levy ($0.50 per booking) for accepting SMRT Taxis call bookings via the MDT. You can expect the cashless payments to be reimbursed to you within one working day from date of the transaction.

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