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Why It Is Bad To Block It

November 26, 2020

Sending your vehicle for regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive. It is also important to include personal vehicle checks in your daily routine, such as maintenance of the hybrid battery air intake vent.

The purpose of the Hybrid Battery Air Intake Vent is for the cooling of the hybrid battery (traction battery). If the vent is blocked, charging or discharging of the hybrid battery (traction battery) may become limited and be damaged. For Toyota Prius Gen 3 or 4, this will also cause the hybrid battery to overheat, leading to a reduction in hybrid battery output.

Just that you know…the air intake vent is located:

  • On right side of the rear seatback for Toyota Prius Gen 3 or 4, and
  • Under the right side of the rear seat for Toyota Prius Face Lift (FL).

How You Can Take Proper Care Of The Air Intake Vent

  • Do not block the air intake vent with anything, such as a seat cover, plastic cover, or luggage near the air vent.
  • Clean the air vent regularly to prevent the hybrid battery (traction battery) from overheating. When dust or dirt accumulate in the air intake vent, clean it with a vacuum cleaner to prevent the vent from clogging.
  • Do not wet or allow foreign substances to enter the air vent as this may cause a short circuit and damage the hybrid battery (traction battery).

Article contributed by Mervyn Lu.

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