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Use Vehicle Headlights To See And Be Seen

October 30, 2020
Turn on your lights

How many of you turn on the vehicle headlights at all times or when the visibility becomes poor? For those who answer “Yes”, awesome, keep it up!

Even if you can see well, bear in mind, not every driver has a near-perfect vision with good reflexes.

Take Extra Precautions To Stay Safe

  1. Turning on your headlights means turning the main lights of the vehicle on with front and rear lights lit.
  2. You must always turn on your vehicle headlights when the road visibility is poor or when you are having a hard time seeing other cars. This helps you to see further ahead.
  3. It also helps to attract the attention of other road users who are probably having difficulty to see you too and alert them of your approach.
  4. Poor visibility will put you more at risk of being involved in an accident during the day.

When To Turn On Headlights

  • Turn on headlights at all times for safer driving.
  • Rainy days. During wet weather, switch on the headlights even during daytime. It is one of the main causes of auto accidents as visibility is reduced.
  • In road tunnels. This helps other drivers to spot your vehicle.
  • Hazy condition. The visibility in front of you will decrease sharply in hazy condition.
  • Any other bad conditions that affect visibility during drive.

Vehicle with lights on are much safer and more visible. Be mindful to use your headlights effectively to improve road safety for everyone, and don’t forget to turn your headlights off when you park 😊.


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