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Who Takes The Prize?

September 11, 2020

Thank you so much for those who have checked out our Cabwise YouTube channel and subscribed! Do tuned in to Cabwise blog and Cabwise YouTube as we add new post to share updates.

And the winners of the Cabwise YouTube Subscribe-&-Win Contest are:

1.    Chong Chee Keong
2.    Rong WeiJun
3.    Tan Poh Peng
4.    Neo Hock Yew
5.    Koay Kong Beng
6.    Weng YiTao
7.    Tan Beng Beng
8.    Tan Meng How
9.    Pang Sang Loy
10.  Chew Chye Soon
11.  Kang Hwee Pin
12.  Ng Chee Loong
13.  Yue See Peng
14.  Ooi Yi Wei
15.  Fang Cheng Fah
16.  Chong Fook Eng
17.  Goay Kok Chuan
18.  Fang Chee Onn Melvin
19.  Sivalingam s/o Thanabal
20.  Aang Lay Soo Stephen
21.  Tan Yong Wei
22.  Yan Shuyan
23.  Caven Ong Peng Hwee
24.  Tan Thong Soon
25.  Cai BaoZhong
26.  Chong Kwai Chiun
27.  Yap Soon Hui
28.  Simon Ngiam She Leng
29.  Sim Han-Ming Christopher
30.  Lim Siong Beng


Each winner gets a prize of $10 cash. Winners will be notified via email.

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