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How To Survive The Riskiest Hours On The Road

September 17, 2020

Have you ever wonder what time of the day does most accidents occur? We have the answer in this video. Click here to find out.

Tips To Prevent Accident During Peak Hours

  • Keep yourself calm and cool at all times 👌🏻
    Keep yourself calm and accept the slow traffic at peak hours since it is unavoidable. Being frustrated and impatient would not make the traffic go any faster.


  • Try your best not to react to the pressure
    Expect peak hour passengers to be always in a rush. So, if your passenger urged you to hurry up, do not give in to pressure. Always stay positive and remember that you and your passenger’s safety is the top priority.


  • Avoid heavy lunch when possible 😴
    Be careful! A heavy meal tends to make you drowsy and less alert on the road.


  • Freshen up with simple stretching 🤸🏼‍♂️
    A simple stretching doesn’t take much time and can help to freshen you up before you start your drive.


  • Keep yourself awake with some music 🎼
    Listen to your favourite music to combat fatigue when driving.

Stay safe on the road at all times.

 Article by Syirin Adnan.


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