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Get The Most Savings On Fuel With Esso

March 17, 2020

Cutting fuel costs is always at the top of every driver’s mind. With our partnership with Esso, you can look forward to save more on petrol!

Do you know that you can enjoy a discounted rate of $1.46 per litre (RON95) when you pump at Esso? Here’s how you can enjoy that discounted rate!

  1. For a start, remember to use your Esso Taxi Discount Card to get an upfront 21% off retail fuel price.

    Tips: Don’t have the card? Hurry, apply one today from SMRT Taxis Customer Service Centre Woodlands.

  2. Present the $2 discount coupon that is redeemable with $20 purchase of Synergy petrol (that’s equivalent to an additional 10% discount).

    Tips: You can get a set of these coupons worth $12 at SMRT Taxis Customer Service Centre Woodlands ($2 x 6pcs) or STOA office at Woodlands or Geylang, whilst stocks last.

  3. Earn Smiles points for every litre of fuel pumped and accumulate enough points for instant petrol redemption at Esso.
  4. With 62 Esso stations conveniently located island-wide and open 24/7, you won’t need to travel far to find the nearest one.

Information is accurate as at 11 March 2020.


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    1. I’m afraid not. Interested needs to apply in person at Woodlands Customer Service Centre during normal office hours.

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