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Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) Are Everywhere And We Must Learn to Co-Exist Safely

October 25, 2018

Bicycles, electric scooters and other similar devices are fast becoming a popular mode of transportation as Singapore promotes “active mobility”.

However, reckless use of these mobility devices can injure other road users and the riders themselves. The number of accidents involving PMDs and electric bicycles tripled in 2017 (up from 46 incidents in 2016, 128 accidents were recorded in 2017 and 9 of these resulted in major injuries).

Safety is a shared responsibility of all road and path users. Hence, motorists must take the necessary precautions to:

  • ensure proper look out for both pedestrians and PMDs
  • slow down when approaching traffic junctions, zebra crossings
  • stay alert and check for blindspots before changing lane, overtaking or turning
  • put aside your handphone while driving
  • be willing to give way


(Article contributed by Gina Law)

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