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10 Ways to be a Better Driver

May 16, 2018

The roads today are hidden with many growing dangers that are threat to road safety; cyclists racing through traffic lights, e-scooters zipping in and out of nowhere, dashing jaywalkers and our constant reliance on mobile phones create a perfect storm for an accident waiting to happen, any time and anywhere.

If you’re reading this, I hope you realised the importance of exercising road safety and care enough to develop your own self-awareness on how you can be a better driver.

Paying attention to the traffic around you, frequently surveying your mirrors, and anticipating what other drivers are going to do.

#1 Focus.

Pay attention to the traffic (not just the pretty people). Check your mirrors, blind spots and anticipate what other drivers are going to do.



#2 It’s okay to give way. 

Be a bigger person and let someone pass if you find them coming close to you. Giving way doesn’t have to hurt.



#3 Signal.

Use your turn signals correctly and at the right time. If anyone is quick to gesture in anger in reflex, it takes the same if not lesser effort to lift a finger to turn on the signal when changing lanes.




Don’t switch lanes in the middle of an intersection.



#5 Don’t try to beat the red light.

Many fatal accidents had happened because of this.




#6 Slow down when entering school zone,

passing a bus-stop or approaching zebra crossing.




#7 Check blind spots.

Look out for motorcycles around you before switching lanes.




#8 Avoid distractions while driving.

Such as karaoke with friends in car, talking on handphone is a no, no.




#9 Watch the speed limit.

It is not just about getting unwanted fines. The faster speed you go, the lesser time it takes to react to a traffic situation. Distance makes a difference.




Take extra care in poor driving conditions such as heavy rain or poor visibility during at night.




Like it a not, the road is a social space. No one has any rights in traffic and road safety is after all, a shared responsibility.

(Article contributed by Gina Law, Photo credits: wikihow [How to Drive a car safely][How to Improve your driving skills)


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